The Founder of Mushika Wellnes Solutions, LLC

Marta Gil

Yoga Therapist & Health Coach 

Combines her health coaching and yoga therapy skills to give her clients back the agency over their health. She's passionate about the body and mind connection and the way they affect each other. She learned that restoring the natural balance can improve many physical and mental conditions.

Marta empowers her clients to progress toward improved health and wellbeing by applying the teachings and practices of Yoga.

She meets her clients where they are and gently guides them on a journey to becoming happier and healthier versions of themselves. Being a natural cheerleader, she firmly believes in small, sustainable steps, setting realistic goals, and celebrating small successes. Her extensive yoga therapy and health coaching training, and trauma-sensitive approach make her a perfect person to go for those who need to alleviate physical and mental suffering and reach their wellness goals.


Is stress, pain, or an autoimmune condition negatively affecting the quality of your life?

We empower our clients through yoga and mindfulness techniques supported by lifestyle and dietary tweaks to regain agency over their wellbeing. By working with us, people can enjoy some of the activities that their conditions prevented them from doing and achieve an overall better quality of life.

  • We teach high-stressed professionals how to prevent burnout

  • We teach children how to self-regulate and deal with difficult emotions.

  • We support people with chronic and autoimmune conditions in pain, stress, and symptoms management

  • We help current yoga practitioners to design a safe yoga practice, consider any contraindications they may have, and meet their needs

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Yoga Therapy

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Group Wellness


Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools


Marta is by far the best meditation leader I have experienced. Her voice is so soft and calming. Her slight accent is very charming. Marta really cares about the group. She carefully and thoughtfully listens; she is always open to suggestions. I feel so grateful to be part of her meditation group. It is really a privilege. Thank you so much.


This was my first time experiencing Marta's meditation. It was sublime. The meditation flowed easily and by the end I realized I'd not been so relaxed and centered in some time. I am grateful for the exercise.

Barbara B

I've been extremely blessed; for the tremendous opportunity of having participated, in some of Marta's online offerings. Her wisdom, expertise, and overall kindness, are clearly evident. She is so kind and giving. It is without hesitance; I would strongly recommend Marta. I feel her lessons are very powerful; and she gives freely, the positive energy in my view, is quite apparent. She is a very bright light, in a sometimes cloudy time. Marta's youtube, is also quite helpful.


Yoga at Home

All the sessions I offer remotely, or I will travel within a reasonable distance (travel fee may apply)

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