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90-Minute Workshop
Online (Zoom), or locally at your home, school, yoga studio, or community hall.​

Everyone experiences feelings of stress and worry at times. When it begins to get in the way of your daily routine and compromises your quality of life, it's time to take action.

Missing school because of worry-induced tummy aches and headaches, not joining in social activities due to anxious feelings, and dealing with sleepless nights is no way to live! 


If this is true for you, you're not alone. Worry and stress are among the biggest concerns for kids today. Learn to root out the cause of anxious feelings with fun, easy-to-use tools - and keep those worries away.


For those who don't have time or resources for the complete 6-week program,

this workshop is the best way to get the essential knowledge and tools to effectively calm the stormy ocean of your daily life and make it more manageable. 


Get practical tools you can feel confident using when you're feeling anxious. 

  • Learn some science of the mind and understand the mechanisms of stress and anxiety

  • Learn some essential breath, movement, and meditation techniques to relax the mind and regulate your emotions

  • Take a look at your lifestyle and see what daily routines you can adjust for your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Anxious to Awesome sessions are a safe space where everyone is welcome. There are no expectations, and this is not a goal-oriented class, and it's more of an exploration. You'll learn some basic movements and breathing techniques and have the chance to be guided into deep relaxation.


No previous experience is needed. Many of the poses are dynamic and fun.


You'll have time to write or draw to integrate your experience and share – if you want to.


You'll feel less anxious immediately and have many simple tools you can use at home, school, and community to feel less anxious and more awesome.


90- Minute Workshop

(Zoom or your space)

$160/ session - family (group) 2-4 people (that's $960 for the entire program)

$20/ session each additional person up to 6 more (max. 10 people in a group)

Contact Marta for pricing,

if you want to invite her to lead the Anxious to Awesome Workshop to

your school, scout group, youth group, home-schooling group, sport-team, etc.


Yoga Class
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