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Marta Shedletsky is a Certified Facilitator of Anxious to Awesome™.


She partnered with Global Family Yoga to deliver this amazing program

Anxious to Awesome™ is a yoga and mindfulness-based method developed by Mira Binzen from Global Family Yoga to help children and families understand anxiety, recognize their own anxious feelings, and learn to respond to them more healthily.

Anxiety is the number one mental health challenge in the world today – for both kids and adults.

Through the online and in-person programs, we help families like yours better understand and improve mental health, naturally. 

We are dedicated to helping your children – not just survive but thrive.

Everyone deserves to feel vibrant, connected, and at ease. And that's what we want for you, your children, and your whole family.

With this proven system, you'll be able to focus on the path, not the pathology, and approach it positively. You'll be empowered to help your child confidently sail beyond the rocky shores of anxiety onto calmer waters with tools they can use for life.

Anxious to Awesome™


From Anxious To Awesome
with Marta Shedletsky

This six-week program will teach you how to understand and navigate the stormy seas of anxious feelings and give you many simple tools to use at home, school, and community to feel less anxious and more awesome. 

We use movement (yogic postures), breath techniques, and mindfulness techniques that are age-appropriate and fun for the entire family. 

Depending on your location and situation, we can meet on Zoom or in person. 

This program has been designed for small groups of children, families, or individuals. 

Individually Scheduled


From Anxious To Awesome

with Marta Shedletsky

The Anxious to Awesome Workshop will help your family or group understand stress and anxiety and why we experience them. 

It will also give you some simple yoga-based tools to regulate your nervous system.

We will explore how our lifestyle affects our response to stress and how movement, breath, meditation, and relaxation can help build a healthier relationship with stress.

It's an experiential class, so please have your yoga mat, and be ready to move, breathe, and relax. 

Depending on your situation and location, we can meet online or in person.

Individually Scheduled

IMG_3656 2_edited.jpg

From Anxious To Awesome
with Mira Binzen, the founder of the program.

This journey is a game-changing mindset program based on nearly two decades of training, research, and experience that will transform your family's well-being. 

The online format makes it easier to incorporate quick yet effective practices and tools into your family's busy schedule and enjoy the day-to-day support.

Join a community of families ready to change the story around mental health, step onto the captain's bridge and sail onto calmer waters.

It's like taking your family on a retreat without taking time off work/ school and a massive investment of money. 

October 15 - November 5, 2022

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