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No Classes in July 2023


Marta Shedletsky is an experienced yoga teacher but also a yoga therapist. 

She instructs her classes in a trauma-sensitive way. 

Marta's Gentle Yoga is the best place to start if you don't have much experience with yoga, maybe have never practiced, or are coming back after a long break or an event like a long sickness, surgery, or accident.

The emphasis for the Monday morning class is safety - we want yoga to cease our suffering and not cause more injuries.  

While leading the class, Marta considers most major contraindications and gives options for those who may suffer from spine problems or other common ailments. 

Even though Marta's classes are safe and gentle, they are not boring, and you are still getting a good "work-in."

Every session ends with an extended guided relaxation so that you leave the class energized and rested physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

No registration is required; please bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water, and come a few minutes early the first time. 


The class is $10 

Bring Your Own Mat


Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Marta Shedletsky (Gauri Devi) has been leading Yoga Family Programs ("Family Weeks") at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas since 2016.

During "Family Weeks," while the parents enjoy their asana classes, their children have their own Yoga Retreat.  

They meet in the morning and the afternoon to meet new friends and be introduced to yoga through short asana classes, chanting, crafts, storytelling, lots of games and fun, and Karma Yoga (service/pitching into the ashram community). 

November 20-25, 2023

Thanksgiving Family Yoga Holiday Program

For Children Ages 4–12

December 26-31, 2023

Winter Family Yoga Holiday Program

For Children Ages 4–12

March 25-30, 2024

Annual Spring Family Yoga Holiday Program

For Children Ages 4–12

Warrior Two

Intro to Hatha Yoga at
Westchester Community College

Valhalla Campus, 

9/14/23 - 11/16/23

Thursdays, 7:00PM to 8:30PM

For those adults who have never tried yoga and those who don’t feel comfortable or safe in a general yoga studio/gym yoga class.  In this class, participants learn some basics of yoga history and philosophy, breathing techniques, and yogic postures.  This class teaches how to practice the postures step by step, explaining benefits, medical contraindications, and adaptations if needed.  This course aims to safely and confidently practice on your own or in a general group class.  Bring yoga mats and (optional) yoga blocks. 

Tuition $195

To register, call: 914-606-6830, press one, or fill out the form in the brochure (pg. 54) 

Yoga Class

Yoga for Healthy Bones - Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis at
Westchester Community College

Valhalla Campus, 

9/21/23 - 11/02/23

Thursdays, 5:00PM to 6:30PM

Room: Knollwood Center 05

About half of the U.S. population over 50 is at risk of osteopathic fracture.  Yoga is the only method without adverse side effects that can prevent and reverse bone density loss.  Among other benefits, it also improves balance and helps in fall prevention.  In this course, participants will learn the most popular of three Yoga vs. Osteoporosis series studied by Dr. Loren Fishman.  This course is appropriate for people already diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis and those who want to learn how to improve their bone density, which deteriorates naturally with aging.  The instructor will offer variations so that postures can be accessible to people with different abilities.  Everyone will also learn how to practice them safely with a chair.  Please bring a yoga belt, a mat, and two yoga blocks. 

Tuition $135

To register, call: 914-606-6830, press one, or fill out the form in the brochure (pg. 54) 


Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30

Join us for an invigorating and relaxing Chair Yoga class designed for individuals seeking a gentle yet effective exercise routine that promotes fall prevention, enhances balance, builds strength, reduces anxiety, and improves overall well-being.

In our Chair Yoga class, you'll experience a series of modified yoga postures that can be comfortably practiced while seated or standing with the support of a chair. Our experienced instructor will guide you through a range of movements and stretches suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Each class concludes with a guided relaxation session, allowing you to fully unwind and experience deep relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

No prior yoga experience is necessary, and modifications will be provided to accommodate individual needs and abilities. Come and discover the numerous benefits of Chair Yoga and embark on a journey towards improved physical and mental well-being!

Benefits of Chair Yoga:

  1. Fall Prevention: Chair Yoga helps improve balance, coordination, and stability, reducing the risk of falls and related injuries.

  2. Strength Building: Gentle resistance exercises using the chair as a prop help strengthen muscles, particularly in the core, legs, and arms, promoting overall strength and stability.

  3. Anxiety Reduction: Chair Yoga incorporates mindful breathing techniques and gentle movements that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation.

  4. Increased Flexibility: Regular practice of Chair Yoga can improve flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion, making everyday activities easier and more enjoyable.

  5. Improved Posture: Proper alignment and postural awareness are emphasized in Chair Yoga, helping to alleviate back pain, improve posture, and maintain a healthy spine.

  6. Enhanced Circulation: Gentle movements and stretches in Chair Yoga stimulate blood flow, improving circulation and boosting energy levels.

  7. Mind-Body Connection: Chair Yoga encourages a deep connection between the mind and body, fostering mindfulness, self-awareness, and a sense of inner calm.



FREE for Westchester Residents 55+
No registration required

Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30

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