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Yoga vs. Osteoporosis

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Yoga: Your Secret Weapon Against Osteoporosis

Yoga is a highly effective tool in preventing and reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis, which can lead to weakened and brittle bones. Dr. Loren Fishman's research on using yoga for osteoporosis has demonstrated its efficacy. Practicing yoga regularly, with a program designed specifically for bone health, can lead to measurable bone density and quality improvements. It only takes 15 minutes of daily yoga practice to see significant results. Yoga is accessible to anyone, regardless of their current ability level or bone health, and most postures can be modified to be done with the help of a chair or a wall. Working with a certified yoga therapist is essential to ensure proper techniques and reduce the risk of injury. By starting at your own pace and working with an accredited professional, you can safely and effectively use yoga to take an active role in improving your bone health today. And with continued practice, your next DXA scan may even bring a pleasant surprise!

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Private or Small Group

Marta can work with her clients in either private settings or small groups that share a condition or situation. 

Private Yoga Therapy is available in person or through Zoom.


The cost of a one-hour Yoga Therapy session is $120.

One-hour group rates start at $250. 


Travel fee may apply.

Get The Guidance You Need:
Work with a Certified Yoga Therapist for Osteoporosis

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Marta Shedletsky, a certified yoga therapist, has been trained in Dr. Loren Fishman's yoga for osteoporosis method. With this expertise, she can help those struggling with osteoporosis and osteopenia to prevent and reverse bone loss. Marta offers in-person sessions for those living in Upper Westchester or Putnam County and virtual sessions over Zoom for those living anywhere else on Earth. In just ten sessions or less, Marta will teach you the postures researched by Dr. Fishman that have been proven to improve bone density and quality. As a certified yoga therapist, Marta is trained to account for any contraindications you may have, ensuring that your practice is safe and tailored to your unique needs. You will meet weekly with Marta and receive homework to practice between sessions, and she will even send you videos to practice along with.

If you're interested in learning more about how Marta can help you, schedule a 15-minute, non-binding, free phone call to discuss your needs and ask any questions you may have.

Yoga for Osteoporosis:

 - Lifelong

- Better posture

- Improved balance

- Innocuous

- Greater strength

- Wider range of motion

- Refined coordination

- Lower anxiety

- Lower incidence of stroke

- More flexibility

- Raised self-confidence

- No osteonecrosis

- Negligible cost

- Cognitive improvement

- Spiritual Awakening

- Weight modulation

Medications for Osteoporosis:


- Can only take for a few years

- Posture unchanged

- Balance unchanged

- May cause complications

- Strength unchanged

- Range of motion unchanged

- Coordination unchanged

- Anxiety unchanged or increased

- Incidence of stroke unchanged

- Flexibility unchanged

- Lower self-esteem

- Possible osteonecrosis

- Significant cost

- No cognitive benefit

- No spirituality

- No benefit on scale

Compiled by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD

The Case for Yoga:
A Natural Alternative to Osteoporosis Medications

The Yoga vs. Osteoporosis  Journey:


  1. Discovery Session  - a no-obligation phone conversation to see if Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis with Marta is the right fit for you. (15 min. Free)

  2. Plan the Journey – During your initial session with Marta Shedletsky, she will take the time to learn more about your osteoporosis and overall health. She will ask for your DEXA scan numbers if available, any medications you are taking, other conditions you may have, and your lifestyle. Together, you will be able to determine how many sessions will be needed, and what props you may need to ensure a safe and effective practice. Marta may also check your balance, range of motion, and mobility. During the first session, you will already learn some postures to practice during the week, so you can start making progress right away. 

  3. Yoga Therapy Sessions - During your weekly 60-minute sessions with Marta Shedletsky, she will teach you postures from Dr. Fishman's method in a way that is safe for you and appropriate for your body and ability. Every posture has many variations and levels of difficulty, and Marta will determine the best variation for you at the moment based on your needs and ability. Some of the postures can be done with a chair, a wall, a block, or strap, depending on your needs. Every week, you will learn new postures, and Marta will check how you practice them and adjust if needed. Postures will be adapted to your needs and abilities to ensure that you are getting the most benefit out of your practice. 

  4. Between the sessions, you will practice daily, and apply the techniques and practices that you learn during Yoga Therapy sessions. You will receive recordings and detailed guidelines that fit your schedule and lifestyle, so you can continue to make progress outside of your sessions.


With Marta's guidance, you'll be on your way to stronger bones and improved overall health.

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If you are ready to start, or still have some questions

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