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Mind Maintenance

Once a month, I lead meditation sessions at car dealerships in Connecticut. Just a few days ago, as I was waiting for the group to come to the room for their mindfulness meditation practice, a comparison came to my mind. We all know, that to avoid significant expenses and repairs, we need to remember about maintenance. It's cheaper to prevent than to repair. The same is with our minds - mindfulness practices are maintenance for the mind. Our minds, unlike modern cars, don't have all the gauges, lights, and high-tech alert systems. Remember the older cars, where you had to be on constant alert? You would roll the windows down, turn the stereo off, and listen for a squeaky noise or sniff for the smell of burning rubber. That's what we still have to do with our minds. One of the more useful tools for learning how to be present and able to respond instead of reacting ismindfulness meditation. When we practice, we learn how to recognize the tell-tale signals. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we train ourselves to notice a problem in its early stage, when it's still easy to fix. These days, with such a fast-paced life, countless distractions, and living on auto-pilot, we often don't notice the signals we receive from our minds. We find ourselves in critical situations, and looking back, we realize how many alerts we had ignored. Thepracticethat I am giving you today allows you to become more familiar with sensations in your body. It will help you in noticing anything unusual when it's still early enough to address it. You will learn how to tune out the distractions and notice how your mind affects the body. You will see how your breath can influence the mind and the body. It's quite a fascinating practice and journey. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.Click here to listen to guided mindfulness meditation. I'm available for private yoga lessons and private yoga therapy sessions, as well as corporate wellness, yoga, and meditation workshops. If you are interested, please contact me for details.

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