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Yoga Nidra - An Enjoyable Practice with Multiple Benefits

In Yoga Therapy, I teach my clients how to manage pain, stress, and various chronic and autoimmune condition with the teachings and practices of Yoga. We use different techniques of meditation and breathing. We have specific postures and ways of movement that help people reach particular health and wellness goals. Yoga Therapy varies from person to person - I may give different practices to two clients with the same Western diagnosis. The protocol that I offer to Joe with type 2 diabetes may vary from the practice I teach Amy with the same disease. As a Yoga Therapist, I don't look at a condition or disease; I look at a person with the physical and energy body, mind, emotions, and needs. I am looking for imbalances at all levels of being, imbalances that cause suffering. I am matching the yogic practices to the person in front of me. By sensitizing my clients to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs and teaching them how to self-regulate, they learn how to use these ancient practices confidently, so they feel empowered.

My goal is to give my clients agency over their health, so they don't need me anymore.

Yet, there is a little secret - a Yoga Therapy multivitamin called Yoga Nidra or Yoga of Sleep. It's an easy and enjoyable method that can be helpful in many conditions. It has been thoroughly studied and even recommended by the Department of Defense and the US Army for PTSD and trauma in recent years.

It has helped me with the management of my autoimmune condition. In Yoga Therapy, we use it to also help with pain and stress management, insomnia, mild to moderate depression, negative moods in caregivers, and quite a few other problems. Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that can shift the structure and brain wave patterns; that's why people with severe depression, manic depression, and sleep apnea should first consult their therapist or primary care doctor.

Below, you will find a recording of Yoga Nidra from one of the Meditation Sessions that I host on Zoom every other Tuesday. The sessions are free, and you can sign up through Eventbrite - link on my website, on the bottom of the page under "Meditation Tuesdays."

I hope you enjoy it.

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