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Yoga And Mindfulness In Schools

Marta Gil is the Founder of Young Flower Yoga - a Yoga & Mindfulness Program for children and youth. 

In-person, YFY can be delivered in the form of a before-  or after-school program designed to fit into the existing after-school curriculum offered at public and private schools throughout the Westchester County area.

Now, Young Flower Yoga programs are also available nationwide through Zoom.


Students learn age-appropriate yoga postures. They explore various breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as learn about yoga history and philosophy. 


Session lengths range from one-time classes to 10-week programs.

The program includes set-up, all materials, instruction, and clean-up. Children's Classes are $20/ student/ session with the minimum of 8 children.

Children Praying

Children's Classes - Classes for children age 4-11.

Young Flower Yoga classes for children are a fun and safe way to learn not only Hatha Yoga postures but also some breathing techniques and methods of relaxation and concentration. The students are introduced to meditation and basics of Yoga history and philosophy. Everything is delivered through Yoga games, inspirational folk-stories, and art. 

30min. - 60min.

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness - classes for age 12+

Classical Hatha Yoga classes where teens not only work on balance, flexibility, and strength but also on a positive self-image and moral values. Through various breathing techniques, postures, and meditation, they learn how to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Teen Yogis also get to know some yogic philosophy and Sanskrit terminology.

45-60 min.

Children Meditating