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In Private Yoga Classes, Marta meets you where you are on your Yoga Journey and guides you to where you want to be.

  • Maybe you have never practiced yoga before, or perhaps even tried a yoga class or two, and don't feel comfortable in a group setting yet.

  • Possibly an injury, surgery, or other life event or a health condition requires you to be mindful about specific contraindications and adapt the practices to be safe and enjoyable for you.

  • You may already have yoga practice but got stuck and need some guidance to move forward safely.

  • Maybe you fell off the wagon with your yoga practice and need an accountability partner who will help you come back?

  • Is it that the group yoga class you attend lacks an element you wish to explore further (meditation, chanting, pranayama, or specific asana)?

  • Or, maybe what you want and need is the full attention of the teacher and less space for an injury?


autoimmune conditions, stress reduction, pain management

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Marta will design and guide you through a yoga practice that is safe for you, fits your specific condition or situation, and helps you along your journey. Whether you have been attending yoga classes for years or you feel a little bit unsure about entering a yoga studio, together with Marta in a safe and unintimidating way, you will have the chance to discover or explore the world of:

  • Asana (the yogic postures)

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Meditation

  • You will meet either in person or on Zoom.

  • Marta will do her best to work around your schedule.

  • Zoom classes are recorded and accessible for seven days so that you can practice between the sessions.

  • You can book your 60- or 90-minute lessons through this website.

Contact Marta if you haven't found a day/ time that fits your schedule or you want to take advantage of multiclass pack savings. BOOK A 15-min free, no-obligation phone conversation with Marta Shedletsky now!

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